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In addition to computer recycling, we are pleased to offer complete onsite physical hard drive destruction, as well as hard drive degaussing at no cost. Our state of the art degausser will destroy any hard drive or other magnetic media such as tapes within 1 minute. After degaussing, hard drives will no longer function and data recovery is impossible.

As for the physical destruction, our photo example should leave no doubt that your private information will remain secure. Remember, the physical destruction is in addition to the degauss operation. We are confident in our method of destruction, and you will be too. The catastrophic damage to the hard drive is irrefutable, and much more reliable than simply “hitting it with a hammer.” We encourage you to see it in action for yourself. The obliteration of the drive is quick and quiet enough to perform in any office environment.

Furthermore, the physical destruction shown in the photos below is only one step in protecting your data. Once hard drives have been destroyed, the circuit boards are removed and the remains of the hard drive are then sent to a smelter where they are melted down for metal recovery. This method ensures that your drives are not simply erased, then reused and resold. We never resell hard drives prior to complete destruction.

Physical destruction and degaussing of hard drives meets all privacy laws such as; HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, as well as DOD and PCI / DSS privacy requirements.



Bluegrass E-cycle’s recycling practices are in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations. We are pleased to announce that we have begun our new R2, ISO 14001, 18001 Certification process. The program is estimated to be in completed by 3rd quarter 2014 pending auditor’s schedules.

We also provide: Certificate of Destruction, as well as material receipts for your unwanted equipment.